Sometimes things does not go as planned

I am back home. Actually I have been home two weeks. I left Tbilisi on 2 of July on my Caucasus cycle experience. All went fine. I Came to Batumi after six days. Some was hard on bad roads. From Batumi I contined towards Jereven in Armenia. I came to Ninosminda, last town before the border. I even entered Armenia. Suddenly I felt a hard pain in my chest. Panic, double panic. Was it a stroke, was it pnemonia. Since I have both diabetes and a pacemaker I am very cautious and scared when it comes to pain in my chest. That night, still pain, I decided to ship this cycling experience and go back home as fast as I can. I cycled to M3, took a taxi 49 km to Vanadzor. Day after I took a bus to Tbilisi. There I stayad at Envoy hostel . Tow days lter I flew back to Stockholm.

Finally home I went straight to my doctor for some examinations. It was nothing wrong with my heart or lung. Probably a muscle inflammation she said.

This is probably the end of cycle experiences. I can’t cycle around thge world with a fear of getting sick all the time.

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