I don’t trust Mr Trump. I think he is bad for US.  Enough about that now.

I bought my flight tickets this week.  SEK 7000 .  When I was looking into this in early January the price was 4200.  Huge increase.

Before, my only critera for buying tickts was it has to be cheap.  Usually that means long waits on airport like Heathrow in UK, Frankurt in Germany.  This time I became lazy or convenient.  I got a direct flights with SAS, both to Chicago and home from New Orleans.  Age is ticking in!

What else, I am leaving on 21 June and be back to Europe on 28th of July.  Yes, I do have a lot of vaccination days.  As most Swedish white collar workers I have 30 days off,  Except bank holidays, plus compensation for ovetime. It is good life in Sweden.

I am a memeber of Warmshowers. I hope to connect to some Warmshowers on this trip.  I really love to host cyclist when I can in Eskilstuna.  ANyone passing by, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am a good host and guide.

Next thing to do is to take car of my bike.  Need to replace some parts.  I have already taken care of my roadbike. First ride outside was last Sunday.



This year theme for cykelupplevelser 2017

Have been doing some research about my cycling this summer.  As far as I know it will be warm or even hot and humid.  That is something I like. Does it affect my health? I don´t know.  Will I meet hostile Americans because of Mr Trumps anti imigration idea. Probably not.   But I do hope I will meet a lot of “ordinary” Americans and hear their opinion about if it make a difference.

Enoght said about politics. This years theme will probably be music, food and beer.  Starting in Chicago it will give me an opportunity to experience some Chicago blues and taste Chicago authentic food.  Moving through Ohio and West Virigina I hope to taste some interesting locak organica food.  Coming to Nashville after 16 days it is time to hear country & western music and the taste of Tennessee. Finally arriving to New Orleans time for jazz and cajun food.

Also. I  am looking for micro breweries on my way.  I think I can make some detours to taste some local crafted beers.

You can follow my trip here.

To my readers: if you are on my suggested route and wants to meet a Swedish cyclist, contact me.  Always interested to meet new people.  Here is my planned route.