My cycleexperience 2024

As I said in previous post. I am going to Ireland. from 16 may 1400 km around the island. Here is my route. I will use my tent as much as possible. I am prepared for different kind of weather, rain or sun. I am posting my days in my Instagram,

Cycle experience 2021

Covid is affecting touring cycling all over the world, even my plans. Two years ago my plan was to cycle to Spain. Last year it changes to stay in Sweden. For this year the plan was the same, until april. There I realized that this summer is nota good time to cycle to Spain. But Read More …

Winter cycling

For a good reason I can’t remember now I decided to go for a short tour in Sörmland over Eastern. From Maundy Thursday afternoon to Easter day. One thing I enjoy about touring on my bike is the preparations. Fixing equipment, planning the route and get food etc. After some thinking and planning I had Read More …

Cycle Experience 2019

Where to go next. Now When 2017 and 2018 has been published here. At least in Swedish, I have been thinking about 2019. It is a good chance it will be Caucasus. Never been cycling in Asia and that part of the world is facinating me. Here is a postable itinerary.

Cykelupplevelser 2018

Jag hann med en kort cykelupplevelse slutet av juni.  Den till Västervik.  Ni kan läsa och se bilder här. ENglsih version of cycle experience 2018 is here  


All you that follow my adventures on bike probably remember that last years cycle experience ended in Nashville.  I haven’t been writing anything about that failure.  It was, my plan was to cycle to New Orleans biut I gave up in Nashville.  problems with myself, my bike, my equipment and extreme weather forecasts made my Read More …