Cykelupplevelser 2018

Jag hann med en kort cykelupplevelse slutet av juni.  Den till Västervik.  Ni kan läsa och se bilder här. ENglsih version of cycle experience 2018 is here  

Back home

Been back home ten days now.  Got some virus in me so been in bed since Saturday.  Many interesting meetings. Many interesting places.  I will write more later. Strong memory was when I was back in Salem, my old college.  Se more in link.

Cycle Experiences 2016

Text and pictures now available in both English and Swedish for all travels. Some ieas about cycling experience 2016 . England in June?  summer, warm weather, cold beer.  Starting in Glasgow and then stealth camping all the way down to Brighton.  1400 km in 21 days. Need to read more … Continue reading