cycleexperience 2017 completed

Normally i would have a headline like this but 2017 was unusual.

i started that cycleexperience 32 of june in Chicago. I stayed with warm shower host two nights before taking of south through Chicago. My plan was to move east toward West Virginia, visiting my alma mater.  From there west towards Nashville before heading straight down to New Orleans.

Something happened with me in Kentucky. Or something happened with my gear.  Anyway, I decided to stop that ride in Nashville. I did and I flew home to Sweden.

During wither it kept coming back to me.  What would I think about myself that I didn’t fulfil my plan. How would that affect me negatively in the long run.

I decided I have to complete cycle experience 2017 this year. That’s why i never wrote my year report.

So cycle experience 2017 continued this year on 24th of june almost a year after it actual start year before.  But now I had made some changes in my plans. Cycling directly to NEw orleans would have been to short distance. I sawa an opportunity to see Selma, La.

I also found out that coming in from Gulfport was a bad choice so I had to rethink that.



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